Family life will be simple if everything in the house is neat and handy, from the bedroom, living room, dining room, home office & study, bathroom, kitchen, hall & entrance to kid’s room.

Many apartments are pretty much the same; just doors, floors and walls placed in different layouts. Luckily, anything that has an interior can be designed, redesigned or refurbished to be more impressive from traditional to modern, simple or complex.

Interior design not only helps define the style, bring aesthetics to the house, but also lets you optimize time and cost during construction. You don’t need to worry that the house could be boring like other flats, thanks to interior design and living inspiration of your own.


BAYA listens to your needs and provides home advice with trendy & unique design ideas to perfect your home. We have show flats & retail stores for the best of customers’ experiences in products and services touch & feel.


BAYA knows well about materials, color and sustainability to help you visualize the interior space via 2D/ 3D layout. We propose the most competitive service fee for 3D design and complete the layout within 3 days from the date of home visit (applied to products in BAYA range list)


Free nationwide delivery and assembly package (special orders included) to save your time & cost. Quick home/ room assembly from 3-7 days, please contact our staff for more details.


After many years of talking and sharing so many stories with millions of people, BAYA interior designers and consultants have been together with close customers to define what home is.

Here some show flats & our projects for your references, let’s update latest products and the most trendy designs.

Do not hesitate to call BAYA to pack up love and care in a fully furnished & convenient home in the city heart today!

Hotline: 0906 960 858. Email: sale@baya.vn